Fumigation & Pest Control Services

Fumigation & Pest control

Senzo Fumigation & Crop Protection is one of the leading fumigation Agency (Treatment Provider) operating on all major ports of the world. Our Services

  1. Fumigation of agricultural products: food grains, pulses, cocoa, nuts, coffee, tobacco during storage in bulk, stack
  2. Fumigation Treatments of products against insects and mites.
  3. Fumigation Treatments of bulk and bags products in stockpiles, soils & warehouses
  4. Fumigation of industrial premises: Flour Mills, Breweries, Malt Houses
  5. Fumigation of storage: Silos, Warehouses, tanks
  6. Fumigation of transport: Ships, barges, trains, trucks, containers
  7. Fumigation of Empty container & stuffed containers
  8. Fumigation of wooden pallets and other packaging material as per ISPm-15
  9. Quarantine fumigation and many more

Senzo – well comprises with a team of technical experts licensed to carry out such activities (ALP 093011212 -Haryana Region and ALP 271010514 Punjab Region and 165/MB for Haryana and 454/MB for Punjab region.